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SC Council on Competitiveness unveiled TransformSC, an initiative to transform public education in South Carolina, at an education summit held on May 1, 2013. A stellar line up of education innovators and innovation supporters energized and motivated a packed conference of over 300 business leaders, school superintendents, school administrators, school board members, and many other parties interested in rethinking public school in South Carolina. Response to the summit was overwhelmingly positive with statements from participants that, “a movement has begun.”

The conference was opened by TransformSC co-chairs Mike Brenan, SC President of BB&T, and Pamela Lackey, SC President of AT&T. State Superintendent Mick Zais then addressed the conference asserting his support for the total transformation of an outdated school system that was designed over 100 years ago for an agrarian society. “Our global knowledge economy demands a new system to produce the graduates needed to succeed in today’s world.”Click on the images below to view the event's presentations and panel discussion.

TransformSC Fall Summit

September 24th and 25th, Columbia, SC

Press Conference

Keynote Address

Welcome and Opening Remarks
The Business Need for
Innovative Public Education
The New Reality
South Carolina's Challenge:
To Lead Innovation in Education
Innovation Beyond the Classroom
Panel: Creating Innovators: Part 1
Panel: Creating Innovators: Part 2
What Does This Mean
Let's Innovate

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