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There is significant innovative activity within South Carolina's Textile Cluster. Textiles is a not a dying industry, but a changing one. Two studies on the South Carolina textile industry commissioned by New Carolina - one from Clemson University and one from North Carolina State University - show there are still over 900 company locations and 35,000 employees working in the industry. Textiles in South Carolina have a $21.9 billion economic impact.

 Consider This…

  • 16 major textile industry headquarters in SC
  • 80 other industry sectors affected by textiles
  • 46 out of 46 counties in SC with at least one textile related business
  • 664 US patents generated by Milliken Research in the past 10 years
  • 2,200 US patents generated by Milliken Research since they opened in 1955
  • #1 in US patents by a privately held US company over the last 20 years: Milliken Research
  • 63,000 jobs in the Textile and Apparel Industries
  • 113,258 jobs from the Textile and Apparel Clusters and complementary businesses
  • 912 company location/branches throughout the state

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